Choosing the Best Innovator Choosing the Best Innovator

The winners of the Best Innovator competition will be chosen using a transparent selection process.

1. Your Best Innovator team completes the online questionnaire

Innovation will initially be assessed by applying both qualitative and quantitative criteria. In addition, there will be an opportunity to provide further information on particularly innovative approaches within the company and/or business unit. The panel of judges will analyze the questionnaire and shortlist the finalists.

2. Representatives of the judging panel will visit the finalists at their respective companies.

The winners will be selected after site visits: once the questionnaires have been evaluated, a half-day site visit rounds off the assessment of the finalists' innovation competence. Competition winners will be selected, using a structured assessment system based on the questionnaire and the site visit. Additionally, a company can submit a video illustrating its innovation management process.

Since the Judging Panel is the centerpiece of the selection process, a group of unbiased and well-respected senior executives were chosen, who have a reputation for driving innovations.

3. All contestants will receive individual feedback.

The winners will be announced in Forbes Russia. An analysis of the questionnaire and/or the company visit will be included in the confidential assessment sent out to each final contestant at the end of the competition. The Best Innovator and all other finalists who displayed outstanding achievements in a specified category and/or industry will be featured in the media and awards will be presented during a celebratory event.










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